In this case, it would be easy for you to find out which customers stopped buying from your store.

After realizing that some of these people that you know stopped buying from you, you could also learn from them or the others in the town

Although it seems like such an effortless process when thinking about such a small scale, it can be much harder to identify the number of people and the reasons behind…

If you have a fantastic product, but people just don’t see it, there might be a certain point where users get stuck or give up on the product before reaching the ‘’Aha!’’ moment.

I hear you asking, ‘’how do I know that people fully benefit from my product?’’



Without further ado:

What is Software Usage Analytics?

Software Usage Analytics is putting analysis over how and how much your customers use your product. Analyzing your product usage is essential to know if the customers are using the key features of your product and get that…

Back in 2018, I went to the same coffee shop for ten months straight just because they had loyalty cards.

Now I might come off as a cheapskate, but in my defense, they had great coffee, I could share their location on my Instagram stories, and they started recognizing me, which made me feel like I belonged there.

This might sound like a cute little story to you, but I just gave you the ultimate recipe for perfect customer retentionWhat is retention? Retention refers to a customer continuing to use a business’ product or a service and to…

Whenever I’m watching a movie, and the dumb character just dives into the fight without a strategy, I know that they will regret it and regroup to make a strategy.

Everyone knows that that action won’t help with anything.

So if you screw up, you might not have a second chance to ‘’regroup and come up with a strategy’’.

And luckily, we’re not dumb enough to launch a startup and start marketing it without a killer startup marketing strategy:

What is a Startup Marketing Strategy?

A Startup Marketing Strategy is a marketing plan that fits the limited budget of a startup…

Come to think of it; it’s not always only people that prove other people’s expectations wrong.

Thank goodness there are ways to measure Product Success in the early stages so that you don’t keep wasting your money on something useless.

Online courses and classes gave us a chance to educate ourselves, without being obligated to physically attend them. And fortunately for you as someone interested in learning more about designing products, it applies to product design too!

In this article, I’ve compiled numerous free and paid Product Design Courses and Classes for you to step up your product design game.

Top 6 Free Product Design Courses

1- Product Design by Google

This free course by Google is a masterclass in product design, exploring subjects such…

As a business, retaining the best of the best, that will generate the best results for your business is in your best interest.

I know, that’s a lot of bests

But the best businesses are defined by the performance of their best employees.

What exactly is Employee Retention?

Employee retention refers to a business’s ability to keep its staff intact. It is one of the trending topics in HR and overall management; since there are an…

We knew that we could get infected, it would be harder to travel and politics, as well as economics, would be chaotic. But one thing we didn’t see coming was an epistemological crisis.

Being an unknown type of virus, there wasn’t any data on the COVID-19 and the amount of fake news due to this fact was huge. Information became a lie, communication was lost.

Likewise, a similar situation took place in the realm of the workplace.

As many companies and businesses took work home, especially…

You want your new employee to be capable of accomplishing tasks that will make everyone’s life easier, so, in this article, I’ll go over the basics of employee onboarding.

Without further ado, let’s see what you ought to do before starting the onboarding process:

What to do before onboarding new hires

I hope you’re aware that the onboarding process is an opportunity to not only welcome new hires, but also to teach them about…

In organizations of all types, in every imaginable industry and vertical, sales enablement processes are used to help sales and customer-facing teams improve customer interactions and add value to every customer touchpoint with the business.

However, it also requires great user onboarding, intuitive product design, and the smart use of metrics to bring about meaningful results for both you and your customers. …


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